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Website Portfolio


Following are a few projects I worked on during my HCI class at Bucknell University.

Our data vis for persuasion

Visualizing Hate Crimes in the USA: Two Lenses of Understanding

In this project, my team and I use the power of data visualization to tell a story on hate crimes in the US. We designed two visualizations on Tableau:

  • One design aiming at persuading the audience

  • One design that is more informational

> Learn more about it on Medium

Slither.io with a flick of a finger

Who of us has not spent hours upon hours playing the addictive game Slither.io? Well, my team and I took it up a notch and used the Leap Motion sensor to make it more immersive and fun to play.

With a flick of your finger you can devour those snakes, and with a pinch you can run for your life!

> Learn more about it on Medium

Travel around the world through Vr portals

This was a fun one! We designed an immersive experience in which users can go through portals and check out real life 360º videos of different cities around the world.

> Learn more about it on Medium

Bucknell University Campus Theatre App Redesign

In this project, we redesign the Campus Theatre mobile website with the target user of business professionals in mind.

Throughout this project, we add, remove, or redesign certain pages in order to make it fit the needs of our target users.

> Learn more about it on Medium