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Mar 2019

Jan 2019

Started my last semester in college. Enrolled in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Behavioral Economics, History of Modern Middle East, and Life, Computers and Everything (Computer Science Ethics).

Dec 2018

My paper with Dr. Evan Peck and Sofia Ayuso was conditionally accepted to CHI 2019. We’ll be traveling to Glasgow in May to present "Data is Personal: Attitudes and Perceptions of Data Visualization in Rural Pennsylvania"

Nov 2018

Co-founded the Human-Centered Design Club along with Zilin Ma to provide guidance, support, and career advice to students interested in the intersection between design and tech.

Oct 2018

Published 3 Medium articles on my experience with UX Research. Two of them were published on UX Collective and Prototypr. Here’s my favorite -> From computer science to UX Research: recovering from impostor syndrome.

Aug 2018

Finished my UX Research internship at Udemy. Check out how my typical day went at Udemy.